Just passed the Teacher Rescue award with Trainer Dave. 2 days at the Manor of Groves Hotel. Superb location for learning & training. Dave is a considerate,reassuring & knowledgeable professional in this field. Now thinking of doing a First Aid Course with his company


I used David to run a Basic First Aid Course for 8 people I have had nothing but positives. Everybody enjoyed the course & said David was very professional. I have also been on David’s training and would second what my ladies said David is a fantastic trainer and I would recommend him to anyone. So if you need a course book David thanks for all your hard work keep it up Kelly

This first aid course was a really enjoyable experience. Dave is a great trainer and his relevant experience and relaxed style made it a really worthwhile course for me. Dave really gets you to think about why you do what you’re doing and simplifies first aid down to what is crucially important – keeping someone alive. This is vital if the lessons are going to stick in a real emergency situation. Thank you.


I have known Dave for years and I’m really pleased that he is teaching people skills that could save someones life.


I have recently done a basic first aid course over 2 days & found Dave to be a excellent teacher in this field, I would highly recommend this course to anybody, them 2 days could save someones life! Get booked up now 🙂